Halt! Did you read that sign back there? Do you know how fast you were Surfing?

-This page is dedicated in memory of my cousin, Anne Marie Sheehan (1972-1991). Please drive carefully!-




And you thought you knew everything...

These road signs have taken on a new meaning! See what great new uses you can have with them! (Note: These are for your entertainment only. Please don't take them literally when driving. If you do...don't blame me for any problems you have!) There will be a test later, so study them closely! *G*

New! Finally I've added a couple more signs! Check 'em out, and enjoy!

1) MOOOOVE! 2) What is that smell?3) Let us pray. 4) Let's do the dance! 5)How many grams you want?

6) Is that your ruler or are you just happy to see me? 7) Let's go for a ride! 8) Is that a wedge of cheese? 9) Watch for dippy drivers! 10) It's the end of the world as we know it...

Sign Descriptions:

1) Watch out for cows 'behind the wheel'...they tend to 'moove' very slowly.

2) Please do not pass gas in this area.

3) Church up ahead. ALSO: Cemetery up ahead. OR: You may do your adding in this area.

4) You are allowed to make your vehicle dance from side to side in this area. ALSO: Slalom driving allowed here only. (Check out the rad animation I found at the top of this page! And yes, I've actually been in a car while this was being done!)

5) You may use speed, (but no other drugs) in this zone.

6) Need I explain this sign? (It's anatomically correct, may I say.)

7) Sitting on tires is allowed in this area. ALSO: Watch out for people sitting on their tires in this area.

8) Watch for very large trucks driving on wedges of cheese ahead. Especially if it's Swiss (with potholes)!

9) Pretty self-explanatory: you'd better be watching for dippy drivers! (Especially you NYC folks!) Course it could just be the sign is insulting your driving....

10) If you see this, it's pretty much too late; you are about to meet your demise! (What a way to go!)

How's my driving?

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