Why this Site?

Why this page? Well, because I've been looking for info on Michael McGrath all in one handy spot, as have several others! And there just wasn't any one place to do that. (Until now.) He's been overlooked and underappreciated far too long. Boo hoo. :@ (

And currently, with Michael playing the beloved role of King Arthur's "loyal servant" Patsy (et. al.) in the Tony Award-winning Broadway Musical Monty Python's Spamalot, it was about time someone put up a Website for him, darnit! Fans old and new are coming out of the woodwork, yay! And since I've been following his career for quite awhile, I know a thing or two about him. Call me nosy if you will, but someone has to do it! Consider my hours spent on researching Michael's career time saved towards your sending him lots of nice Fan mail! Yay!

Finally, as the current Webmistress of Michael's wife Toni DiBuono's fan site, it's only natural I do a site for him as well, no? Aww. How sweet. If enough people are interested and I get an "official" nod from either Michael and Toni (or both), I promise to reserve a domain name just for them, which perhaps could be published in future Playbill bios. Publicity = GOOD! :@ )

So, in a nutshell: people love Michael McGrath, nobody else has called proper attention to his worthiness, and so this site is for those who enjoy his work and want to know what he's up to. Do note that I don't actually know Michael personally, I've just been a devoted Fan of his over the years. I do hope to someday change that, however!

Also, please remember his last name is pronounced "McGraw". This is very important. Thank you.

P.S. If you happen to see this, Michael, thank you for everything you do! Don't ever change a thing! NI!


I am not gaining any financial reward of any sort by having created this Fan site, nor do I intend to. It exists solely to spread the word and for Michael's Fans to find out almost anything they ever wanted to know (without being a stalker). This of course means I will only publish info that is already in the public domain, unless Michael himself chooses to share personal info with the public. So no-no to sharing potentially scandalous "insider" information without expressed permission from Mr. McGrath himself or his Agent, please! My information and article resources can all be found on the Internet and/or in-print. I have listed all picture and info credits as I am able to locate them; omissions or errors may be corrected by E-mailing me HERE.

This project/site is free for all to visit, and will remain as such. There will be no annoying pop-ups, hidden links, or Spyware to be found here! However, if you travel through links outside of this site, I cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to your PC. All links provided are known to be safe, but always practice safe Internet surfing!