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What? You're already tired of this site? Didn't find what you were looking for? Or maybe you just want to check out some more related sites and the like? Here I've listed some of my favourites, and links to places that have even more interesting material. I'm picky about what I link to, so don't expect any bad links here! Basically, if you enjoy Theatre, I'm sure you'll enjoy them all. Yay!

(All links open in a new tell your Pop-up blockers to accept them!)

Because nobody knows Broadway like Broadway itself. (But you probably already knew that!)
Quite possibly how you got here to begin with, this site is infinitely useful and interesting for Theatre buffs. A MUST VISIT!
Monty Python's Spamalot - The Official Site
Well, duh. As if I couldn't include this one! Don't forget to stop by the official merch shop while you're there!
And what is a Broadway show without Playbill? Great source for news and articles.
The official source for in-depth articles, interviews and multimedia from the Tony Awards. You'll have to dig around a little to find all the Spamalot goodies, but it's worth it.

Other Actor's Sites (And Fansites)

A Steve Rosen Fansite
An amusing Fansite dedicated to a fellow Spamalot cast member. Even endorsed by Mr. Rosen himself!

NOTE: Steve also has a profile on MySpace, but be nice and don't SPAM him a lot. ;@ )

Sara Ramirez's Official Site
"Ladies and Gentlemen...the Lady of the Lake..."
Even though she's not doing Spamalot anymore (although you can now catch her on Grey's Anatomy Thursday nights on ABC), this is still a great site for all sorts of media material related to Spamalot and Sara's other work. (And remember, it's pronounced Sa-dah.)
Toni DiBuono Fansite
Michael's wife is a very successful performer as well, check it out! She's basically how I discovered Michael's career and talent also. (Another one of my projects, also hosted on this domain.)

Other Random Goodness!
A fun little "Barista Blog" site that has mentioned Michael a few times, but I'll let you figure out why.


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