Here are some interesting clips from interviews, trailers, CDs and soforth. They will give you a good taste of Michael's talent and personality. (Well, at least the sight and sound of him, not exactly the taste...)

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Forbidden Broadway, Vol. 2 (Song Preview Clips) 
Featured in the following songs: Opening/Who Do They Know?, M. Butterfly, Madonna's Brain (and in bits of other songs).
Monty Python's Spamalot (Song Preview Clips)
Featured in the following songs: Finland/Fisch Schlapping Dance, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (and in most of the other songs in parts).


Trailer for "The Road to Broadway"
Entire clip features Michael's story of stepping in for Evan Pappa's role in "My Favorite Year". Very endearing. :@ )
2005 Tony Awards Clips
Meet the Nominees & Red Carpet Footage featuring Michael can be found here. (Scroll down the page under "M" and "S" sections to find them; if necessary, check the Web Archive "cached" page for these.)
It's the World's Largest Coconut Orchestra!
See history being made! This is a clip from the 2006 Guinness World Record effort for the "Largest Coconut Orchestra". (They did get it, by the way!)

Clips from The Martin Short Show [1999] (Courtesy of YouTube*):

Tackle Attack!
This is hilarious - see how many times and ways Michael gets unexpectedly tackled! I mean...aww, poor guy; those mean picker-oners!
Flashbacks of Friendship with Jiminy Glick
I think I'd need some serious therapy after that kind of flashback.
Michael Meets Debbie
Just watch it. (Does his wife know about this?)
Don't Trip!
Michael doing his version of the Dick Van Dyke Pratfall. Short but sweet!
An Interview...
Michael interviewing Irving Cohen...waitasec, isn't that...err, naah.
A Trip to the Farmer's Market!
I'm not sure if that's really his daughter or not. I know that's not Toni. Still, a funny clip!

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