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Toni has gotten a lot of rave reviews in her time, and here is where you can read just a sampling of them.

The Two Svengalis  / The Boys from Syracuse / Other Shows

The Two Svengalis

Here's a few comments I've heard about The Two sounds like it has the potential to big a huge hit (so hopefully they'll decide to do more performances in the near future)!  I found these comments on a couple of message boards, although you can see what else has been said over at Fred Barton's site as well. (Variety has spoken well of it!)

Stu Hamstra of Cabaret Hotline Online had this to say:

...An amazing hour of entertainment - all original songs by Fred, and a story line that held our interest...filled with cleverness, wit and charm. The audience was both laughing and applauding the humor...I urge you to make that reservation - as word gets around, seats will be hard to get.

To read Stu's complete review, check this page. (It's up near the top of the page.)

A Fan from the Broadway World Forums gave this very enthusiastic review:

The show is very witty, clever & filled with interesting melodies. Needless to say, Toni did an incredible job of "I'm the Queen & You're Not!" & what can I say about Fred Barton, except that I love this guy & his prodigious talent! Goooooo!

And a Fan from the Talkin' Broadway's All that Chat says:

I saw THE TWO SVENGALI'S the other night and it was great. Both Toni DiBuono and Fred Barton are terrific performers and the new show is actually quite tight and terrific.

The two of them have great chemistry. Toni is an excellent comedienne and a first class belter. Fred who composed the score also plays the show and he is second to none at the keyboard. He also delivers a poignant eleven o'clock number, "There's a String Tied to a Good Time." There's only a couple of performances left this week so hurry. All you "Forbidden Broadway" fans will love it. It's a chance to see two of the more famous alumni of that show doing some hilarious new material. Enjoy!

One more really short but sweet write-up is at! (It's right below the "Bombay Dreams" review.)

The Boys from Syracuse

Some of the best reviews I've seen yet come from Toni's role as Luce in The Boys from Syracuse. I dare say anyone who saw this Broadway Revival back in 2002 was in for a real treat! You can find several reviews on the Internet from this show, but here are just a few of the best highlights:'s Review of Syracuse - (You'll have to scroll down a bit to find it.)
Editor Note: Interestingly enough, you'll also find a review for hubby Michael McGrath's show from 2002, The Butter and Egg Man,
right below the Syracuse one.
Editor Note: I noticed they weren't entirely impressed with the show as a whole, but liked Toni's playup of Luce.
The masses hath spoken!
New York Metro's Review - (Scroll down a little, it's there!)
Editor Note: Many people compare Toni's singing style to Bette Midler. I would tend to agree there!
(Someone ring up Ms. Midler immediately and arrange a duet performance!)


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