Song Clips and Sounds

More sounds are coming soon, but in the meantime, here's a few offsite links
where you can hear some of Toni's finest singing!
NOTE: Icons denote the filetypes for the sounds on each site. (E.G. MP3's, Real Audio, etc.)
You will need a music player that supports them to hear the songs properly, and may need
to download additional plugins.

Real Audio Files

Toni singing I'll Always Be There, as Minta, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's ex-wife in the show Roscoe. (2002)

A duet, I Couldn't Love You More, between Minta and Roscoe, also from the show Roscoe.

Toni singing Les Miserable, a parody song from Forbidden Broadway (Vol. 2 CD). (You'll see her name listed next to the preview file.)

MP3 Files

Here is a song from Mathnet episode 5.3, The Case: Offthe Record, appropriately titled Without Math.
(NOTE: This is an MP3 in a ZIP file. Any unzip program will open it, I recommend using Winzip.)
If you'd like to hear Toni's latest work in The Two Svengalis,
do check this page for a few previews! You will not be disappointed! ;@ )

Also found at Fred Barton's site are Toni's renditions of I'm a Bitch and Pour Me a Man, both from the show Miss Gulch Returns!

You can find a few previews from the Forbidden Broadway Vol. 2 CD (the songs Who Do They Know, Forbidden Broadway Vol. 2 and I Get a Kick Out of Me), plus Annie II (Tomorrow) on the Forbidden Broadway 20th Anniversary Compilation Album at

Clip Sources: Personal collection (some obtained via other Fans),, Forbidden Broadway Volume. 2 Unoriginal Cast Recording, Miss Gulch Returns! CD, Fred Barton. Credits not listed here that should be? E-mail me.