Why this Site Exists...

People may wonder what this site is about, so here's a brief explanation: there are Fans out there who want to inform the World about Toni's talent and career.

Back in about 1997 or so, Carly Dudash started a site to accomplish just that.  She was a big fan of Toni after discovering her as Pat Tuesday on the PBS show Mathnet, and my being a fan of the show as well, set out to help her find out whatever we could to bring more awareness to this very talented Actress/Singer (or "Diva", as we labelled her).

The result: the very first "Unofficial" Toni DiBuono Fansite. It's still mostly located here (some links and pages aren't working): The Original Version of the site.

Over time, things became busy for Carly and whatnot, and she hadn't updated her site in a long time (if you're still out there Carly, E-mail me!). And as Toni has done many things since the inception of that site, I decided I would take what Carly had started and take off from there, as to keep the Fandom alive, thus creating what you see today. Hopefully one day Carly will once again join me in this effort, or at least stop by and see how things have developed. :@ )

Hopefully this site will help bring even more Fans out of the woodwork, as well as showing visitors just what Toni DiBuono is about and what they've been missing! She may not be a "Red Carpet Star", but she's still worthy of people's attention. So there you have it!

And in case she sees this, thank you Toni for being such a brilliant performer! This site wouldn't exist without you!