You Try it Just Once...and then it Grows on You!

For Those Who Don't Know What It Is...

What's Neopets all about? I wish I could explain it's a game of sorts, but actually, it's more than that. It's whatever you want it to be, really. It's a place to play online games, chat, and make lots of friends. But it's also a place where you can raise a Virtual Pet (great for College-aged folks who can't have a pet at school, or those who are allergic to live animals), build them a home, send them out on adventures, and/or train your pet to have little competitions against other people's pets if you so desire. It's something to do while on work or school break, or in the wee hours of the morning when you can't sleep! (Or can but don't want to since you're so addicted.) The best part of it is that it's totally free, no strings attached! And if you invite your friends to come along, it can be even more fun! And though you'll find mostly younger people there, there's a lot of us "grown up kids" who enjoy it just as much, if not more than the younguns do!

The best way to explain the site is to go check it out yourself. There's a lot of other Neopet-related Websites that cater to giving hints and tips, so rather than putting that all up here, I'll just brag about my Neopets and put up links to all my various Neopian offerings. I'd love for any and all to join in with me! And if you invite your friends to join, you can get tons of goodies for your Neopets as well! The only downside I've found with Neopets is not being able to drag yourself away from your won't want to log off, in case you miss something good! (And if you ask me, it's more addictive than The Sims, which is seriously saying something!)


(And if you want to find me there, my name is Seakquy!)

*Interested in being a Neopets Premium Member? Neomail Seakquy for an Invite! (Keep in mind the Premium service does cost REAL MONEY to join, but is well worth the cost to be rid of banner ads, along with other perks, such as a cool Portal, Toolbar, special "Something Has Happened!" Neomails with rare items and NP (in your Portal account), and the opportunity to Beta test new games.)

Secondary Note: Sometimes my invite limit is reached when I have pending invitations waiting to clear (when people cancel their Trial or don't sign up), so if I Neomail you telling you I've run out, you can check back later, and/or I can also have my Mom, Woodytutu (who is also a Premium user) send one from her account. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Personal Premium Endorsement: I've been a Premium Member for a couple years now, and do highly recommend it for dedicated players of Neopets. ^_^

Want Neopets on Your Cellphone?

Now you can play with your Neopets on the road! Click here to join up, download and play Neopets on your Mobile devices!

For Those Who Are Neopets Members...

If you're already a member, you likely need no introduction! Here, I have links to my Neopet's pages, Beauty Contest pages (if they're entered at the moment), my Trading Post Lots (if there are any open), along with my Stats page, Gallery and Neo Shop. That way you can just check out the goods you want to see and have a look at what we're up to right now. :@ )

Since Neopets can change appearances at any time (provided they can find a decent Paintbrush, which mine have been fortunate enough to), this page may not reflect what my pets look like now, but I'll update it as soon as anything major happens! Anyway, here are my Pets at the moment (two are enough for me right now, personally; they're spoiled rotten *G* and always happy):

NOTE: Estebanne is currently INVISIBLE, so I'll leave the above picture for now so you can actually see him. (He used to be Checkered!)

Our Other Links at NeoPets:
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See our latest stats, scores and even trophies!
Lots of omelettes, books, and cheap items of all kinds! Check it out!
Our little "pride and joy" project - we've been working on it since day one!  We have EVERY kind of Doughnut item available in Neopia! And also items with the word "Squeaky" in them, in honour of Jill's favourite cat.
When it is working, we usually have some great offers!
Want to See Our "Winning" Random Contest Entries? Check this Petpage! There's a brief guide by yours truly for the Random Contest as well.

Our owner is a proud member of the Honest Dragons Guild. We work to keep Neopia an upstanding and safe place! Are you honest and helpful? Drop a note to our Guild's owner and apply!


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