Social Media Schtuff

Here are places where you can find me - I don't expect people to visit them all; depending on your interests,
you may find connecting with me on certain sites a beneficial thing. Or at the very least, entertaining. :D

I like to know who I'm dealing with; if you do plan to add me as a friend/associate/complete stranger to
any of these sites, please at least me drop a note first so I know who you are, otherwise I might just ignore the requests.

(Click a logo - links open in a new window.)

Standard Social Sites - The Heavy Hitters

Facebook - Google+ - LinkedIn - Twitter Book to the Face! Ow. Google Plus What? LinkedIn Tweet Tweet...

Sites for Creatives - Design, Crafts, Writing and Inspiration

Behance - Coroflot - Etsy - Instagram - LiveJournal - Pinterest

Shopping and Entertainment Sites - Reviews, Check-Ins and Media

Foursquare - GetGlue - Yelp - YouTube

Note/FYI: I almost always go by "JillthePill" (or some variant) on most sites, but because I'm not the only person in the world with the nickname, there may be sites where someone is not the "JillthePill" you're looking for. That's why I also go by "Mathnetgirl" in some places. Those are the only screen names I use online - accept no imitations!


Design Portfolio on Behance Design Work on Coroflot Etsy Shop Instagram Images LiveJournal (Old Posts) Pinterest (A Retro Trip!) Foursquare - Catch the Ball! Yelp Me! GetGlue - Sticky Fun! You Be Tubin'