Talk to me, stalk me...whatever.

Things to See, People to Do...

So, you're bored enough that you want to see where else I roam on the 'Net? Okay then! I tend to spend more time on these sites than working on my Website, really.

Just be warned; I'm not that interesting (although somewhat opinionated in the right situation), and probably one of the biggest dorks one could ever meet. But, if you find we have enough in common, feel free to read/add me to any of these sites!

My LiveJournal

An everyday, run-of-the-mill "Blog" for the readers out there. Well, I don't write in it every day, just when I have something interesting to post. I basically ditched the old "Message Board" I used to have on my site for this. Much easier to use, very customizable and definitely more exciting. Plus, people can comment and friend me at will, or just nose around in my brain.

Content You Can Expect to See: Sometimes as silly as random musings, as useless as online quiz results, and the occasional heated debate based on political opinions and/or current events. Updated OFTEN. :@ )

My LiveJournal Scrapbook/Portfolio

You can see some of the artwork I've done, and even a few choice photos I've taken. Nothing spectacular, but it's my stuff. Just don't laugh too hard...but keep in mind I'm not an Artist for a reason! (That being lack-of-talent.) Brought to you by the same lovely people behind LiveJournal.

Content You Can Expect to See: Crappy drawings I've done, my Neopets-related artsy projects, random things I've scanned, and photographs of various things. Not updated very often.

MySpace Profile

Who doesn't have a MySpace account anymore? (I finally jumped on the bandwagon after much hesitation.) I'm fairly new to this site, and rarely visit it, but it's one way a person can track down old friends, or find new ones based on interests and soforth! I do have a fairly detailed list of my main interests there, if you're nosy enough to check it out. They also have Games, a "Rate Me" feature, and other community stuff. And again, who isn't on there these days? *UPDATED CAVEAT - YOU WILL GET ADDICTED!*

Content You Can Expect to See: Not a lot, just a place where I can stalk MY friends who have added me (with permission, of course) and generally poke around. Mainly I joined out of curiosity, and because a lot of people I know have. Rarely visited/updated. (At this point.)

I was recently introduced to this site; very much like MySpace, but features other fun stuff, such as the ability to give your friends a "High 5" for whatever reason. Until I know what to expect and browse a bit more, can't say much else about it, but it looks interesting! You can also import addresses/screen names from AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail to invite your existing friends over, look for new ones, or even reconnect with old friends. ;@ ) Add me and we can stalk each other!

Content You Can Expect to See: "Blogs", pictures, interest groups, lots of high-fiving. (Beware teh Pop-up ads!) Apparently millions have also joined up, so what are you waiting for?

And lastly, we have the old standby...E-mail!

If you want to E-mail me, click the little image below and drop me a note! I can't guarantee I'll get back to you straight away, as I'm a terrible procrastinator, but it's there for you to reach me. If you need to hear back ASAP, please mark your messages accordingly, and I'll do what I can!

Hello? Is this thing on?

Warning: My my, we're nosy, aren't we? Seriously, don't stalk me. At least not without saying so first! I've had people obsess over me to the point it was SCARY, so really, don't leave me terrified to sleep at night or leave my house! Besides, I don't want to have to flex my legal muscles. ^_~ Thanks!