Actors - Can't be one, yet we can't live without 'em.

What you'll find here:

The following are Fan sites for a few "lesser-known" Actors I appreciate and feel deserve more recognition. Until I actually get an official endorsement from any of them, these pages should be considered completely unofficial, but I assure you are as detailed and accurate as I can make them.

The Unofficial Toni DiBuono Fan Page

Much of Toni's claim-to-fame began with the Off-Broadway show Forbidden Broadway, but is also known for her role as Pat Tuesday on the PBS show Mathnet.

The Steven Marcus Admiration Page

The Actor whom Jill has met personally and admires very much, Steven also appeared on the PBS show Mathnet, and has made several appearances on NBC's Law & Order series of shows. Has also worked in quite a few "Indie" films, TV and Theatre.

The Unofficial Michael McGrath Fan Site

Currently best-known for his role as the coconut-clopping Patsy in the Tony Award-Winning Musical Monty Python's Spamalot, Michael is a very talented performer who has worked extensively in Theatre over the years. Also just so happens to be Toni DiBuono's husband. :@ )

Note: I do not represent any of these Actors, as this is a purely Fan-based effort; however, if you want to know more or are interested in using their talents for any projects, feel free to contact their Agents (info is/will be listed as I find it). Also, if you know/knew any or all them and wish to drop them a personal note, I'd recommend directing correspondence through their Agents as well, but if you want to E-mail something in care of me, I will do my best to make sure it is forwarded to someone who can pass your wishes on to them.