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Note Before Reading On: I know a lot of you are looking for videos (I get so many requests for them), and until I am able to actually dub tapes, try checking out the crowd at the new SquareOneTV.org Message Board, as there are quite a few people (with working VCRs) who are eager to help. There are also some videos you can buy (along with a Teacher's Guide) at the GPN's Educational Materials site. Good luck, and I hope this helps! Thanks for looking! :@ )

Get your Mathnet Casebooks, videos, and other good stuff right here! These are available to you here in association with Amazon.com and Borders.com*, and as a satisfied customer myself, I guarantee you will get the very best, secure service the 'Net has to offer! If you have any questions, though, be sure to ask! Happy reading, listening, and viewing! And remember, I receive referral fees (small though they are) for the sales, which helps to keep this site running!

*IMPORTANT: Please note that I now have added Borders.com to this section, though their affiliate program has now ended. I found that they did have the books and videos in stock, and seemed to have better options for searching them out if they don't have them. I think you'll have better luck with them, but of course I can't guarantee when they'll have everything in stock. I am also offering additional titles (CD's and movies) through their Associates' program that you will find some of the Mathnet Actors and Guest Stars featured in. I think you'll enjoy these titles and hope you'll take a closer look!

Remember: If you still can't find what you want here and don't want to wait, I suggest trying BookStacks Unlimited (this site is now closed). They did have all the books (and I believe the videos as well) at one point. If that doesn't work, try one of these online used bookstore sites I've found a few at: 2nd Look Books, BookCloseOuts.com, Powell's Books, Abe Books. It's also worth trying out Half.com for some quality used items. GOOD LUCK!


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