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Welcome to the Mathnet Website! Glad you could make it here! I am far from being finished with adding and updating stuff, as you may be able to tell! So in this period of transition, please bear with me (I'm doing this work all myself)!

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Wot's 'Neew' Around Here?!?!? How much do we really know about the 'Netters?
So, what else have these guys done? See the lovely pics!
Now who says an obsession is a bad thing? The Sounds of Mathnet!
An ICQ List, Surveys, Quizzes, and other fun! All you need to know about Mathnet! (Well, almost.)
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Everything else you could possibly want that isn't categorized! Related links, banners, sponsor stuff, and the like!

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Well, ListBot decided to be greedy and charge big $$$ for their services, so I have moved the Mathnetter Mailing List to Yahoo! Groups. It's actually better than ListBot, so please do subscribe and check it out! Vote in polls, view some cool bookmarks, get occasional updates, and more! You'd be crazy not to join! :@ )

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