The Newest Stuff 'Round Here!

Thanks to much suggestion, I am adding this page to keep everyone up-to-date on what's changed lately. I will keep old changes up as well, in case you haven't stopped in lately. (I won't mention minor 'tweaks' unless they affect the site structure a great deal.)

So, without further ado, here's what's new, and where you'll find it! (Just click the links to get to those pages.) The latest dates are at the top of each section. If it's in bold lettering, it's something I feel is especially noteworthy to the site.

May 2004:

I realize it has been literally AGES since I've last updated (over a year?!?!?!), but life has been a bit busy. Not to mention there's not really anything newsworthy to add at this point, although hopefully in time that will change.

One project I have right now: I am slowly going back and fixing up images and sounds as I can, along with minor page tweaks. So pardon the dust as broken links and such are corrected.

One new thing you can check out in the meantime is a page I am developing that is devoted to Toni DiBuono's career. Be sure and check it out if you're interested! :@ )

That's about it for now. I'll be back just as soon as anything else new and exciting develops! :@ )

February 2003:

12th - Wow, sorry it's been awhile since I updated everyone! Happy *very* belated New Year greetings!  I've been very busy with work, and there's not been much to add anyway. I do apologize for that, and hope to make some updates in the near future.

I have changed the coding on a couple pages, so a certain *annoying* cursor program doesn't pop up and try to install itself. Sorry to anyone who was bothered by that...I didn't like it either, so it's all gone! :@ )

I've moved some of the older news (prior to 2002), to a separate page, since it's pretty, well, outdated.

August 2002:

21st - I've ended the last Survey, as the site that offered it is shutting down indefinitely. But it was time to end it thanks for your input! I will find another place to do them through in the future. The results will go up soon also. Thanks, and sorry about that! :@ P

12th - Yes I know, no updates in awhile (more like Ice Ages). Someone want my job? *SIGH* But, I must direct you to the newest-of-the-new sites out there:! It's run by a fellow Fan and promises to be something special one day! Be sure and stop on by! There's even video clips from the show and a neato Message Board! :@ )

April 2002:

17th - Added one new image to the Postcards section.

15th - Yipes! I haven't worked on the site for months, and need to update some links at the very least! Bear with job has taken over my life (not by choice) and doesn't allow for much free time. :@ P Did everyone remember to send in their taxes on time? *G*

I'm replacing the old site ranking system (which seems to have left the face of the Earth) for a new one, which is provided by my Web Host! You can even leave a review for it! Check out the link on the main page. Thanks! :@ )