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Many of these sound bites were recorded and edited by myself, but some have been kindly submitted by fellow fans. (They may not sound the greatest, but download size is an issue.) Add them to your system sounds, and share with your pals! Take a listen!

-Sounds edited with Cool Edit 2000, and Creative Wave Studio.-

NOTE: The Wave sounds are all in Microsoft ADPCM Wave Compression format. If you need help with getting them to play, let me know. You may also need to turn your volume up a bit more to hear them. (This is the effect of the compression, but if you want any sent to you non-compressed, do drop me a note.)

These are also organized by Episode (in the order listed in the Episode Guide). However, most listed below are temporarily unavailable. Check back soon for more! Thanks!

Also note if you don't want to download these here, or want to be able to connect faster, try looking on Napster for the MP3's. (While you still can!)

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'The Problem of the Missing Monkey'

grunt.wav 09/28/97 I dunno, one day I asked... (Jane Rice-Burroughs)$

'The Problem of the Passing Parade'

badum.wav 07/27/97 Ba dum bum, man...(Rimshot)
pdwtps.wav 07/27/97 Please do what these... (Steve Stringbean)

'The Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon'

fall.wav 09/28/97 Now don't be silly Angel... (George)$
tummy.wav 09/28/97 Mr. Stoutman, why is that bird so... (George)$

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'The View from the Rear Terrace'

spillpar.wav 01/20/97 Can't cry over spilled... (George)

'The Map with a Gap'

freeze!.wav 07/03/2000 Mathematicians, freeze... (George)
bloodsong.mp3 04/13/2001 George's 'Blood on the Saddle' Song!

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'The Case of the Unkidnapping'

boybig.wav 01/20/97 My, what a big boy... (Kate) 08/02/2000 The Final 'Broadway Stint' song.

'The Case of the Masked Avenger'

pain.wav 07/03/2000 Are you okay George? (Kate)#

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'The Case of the Unnatural'

dropgeo.wav 01/20/97 Drop it, George... (Pat)
ballgame.wav 07/03/2000 Take me out to the ballgame... (Pat)

'The Case of the Galling Stones':

badog.wav 07/03/2000 Bad dog... (George)
faques.wav 07/03/2000 Just the fax, ma'am... (George)

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'The Case of the Mystery Weekend'

phatemath.wav 04/13/2001 Peeved really hates Math! (Peeved) #
innoninny.wav 04/13/2001 Wiggins tells Peeved what he thinks. (Col. Wiggins) #

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'The Case: Offthe Record' 08/02/2000 'Without Math' by The Googols!

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Misc. sounds:

geolaugh.wav 07/03/2000 George's laugh! (George)
fibb.wav 07/03/2000 The story you are about to see... (Announcer)
tbcmusic.wav 07/03/2000 The 'To Be Continued' Sequence. #

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#Submitted by Gayle Gregory.

$Submitted by the Mattster.

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