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Well, it's all the "other" stuff.

I wasn't sure how to categorize these pages, so they are here in the "other" file for the time being. They're not exactly all "fun" or "entertaining", don't relate to any other bits of this site, and/or didn't merit a category all their own. However, they may be just the ticket for my wandering visitors! Feel free to have a look before you decide what it means to you!

About Me

Just your standard "About Me" page. More than enough info for one to sufficiently stalk me, I'm sure, but gives basic insight as to who I am, what I like, and all that junk. Severely outdated for the time being, so it's temporarily down until I update it. Oh yay. If you really want to do your homework in the meantime, though - I recommend starting HERE and following the links. ;@ )

Alumni Resource Page

I started this as a "little project" to help me keep track of all the Alumni sites I'd joined, and it sort of grew over time. (Because for some reason, people don't always join them all, or know about them.) I give brief ratings/recommendations of the major sites, and also link up to my own Alma Mater's site. There's also specific info for my Class Reunion, so if you attended Federal Way High School, this may be of keen interest to you, though it's also suited for anyone who just wants to look up their old Classmates and doesn't know where to start.

Check out these sites and learn how you can get involved and informed!

Sign the One Declaration Today.

The One Campaign - They Don't Want Your Money, They Want Your Voice.
It's only too late if you never get involved, so help spread the word.
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I will be participating in the Seattle Breast Cancer 3-Day from August 25 - 27th, 2006, in Memory of my Grandma, who recently passed away from Breast Cancer. If you would like to help out by making a donation, or just want to know more about the cause, please click the banner above. Thank you!